NEWS: Ov Sulfur seek sustinance and solace?

Be warned, viewer discretion is advised but… Century Media signings Ov Sulfur have reached deep within their Blackened Deathcore souls and channelled it into a brutal new single titled ‘Stained in Rot‘, one which is of course accompanied by a nightmarish music video, just in time for Halloween. They’re currently ripping up the road stateside with labelmates Lorna Shore, Aborted, Ingested and Angelmaker, meaning that this one is already on the set…

Vocalist Ricky Hoover comments: “‘Stained In Rot’ is the heaviest song I’ve been a part of vocally and lyrically. It’s about bringing to light the fact that religion and government are constantly trying to become one and change the world into a theocracy. It’s about showing the horrors that have happened under that way of thinking and control. It’s about pulling out the truth and shoving it back in the faces of religionists while the “truth” they’re forced to believe crumbles around them.

Guitarist Chase Wilson adds: “We knew we had to release this song during The Pain Remains Tour, as it has more of a slamming, brutal death metal riffing ala Aborted and Ingested, but it’s also got the blackened deathcore sound that fits in with Lorna Shore and Angelmaker. It’s crushingly heavy yet teases some of Ricky’s expanded vocal chops via a little bit of singing. Yes, that’s Ricky on the chorus!

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