NEWS: Veil Of The Serpent profile a demon!

“How can I sleep when he’s out prowling the streets, in my head I see him turn towards me, I look away in aversion but then I notice that his face has morphed from demon into something more like me, I need my pills, of course she left me I just need my pills to sleep, I can’t stop stressing, obsessing, and pressing, obsessing, until the victims and their families get at least a modicum of peace, I’ll keep on searching for every lead or hint or trail so that I can erase you and turn the world back to how it’s supposed to…”

Having teased us with an EP trailer for the upcoming debut EP “Gallery Of Sin” will drop on 31st October, just in time for Halloween, Veil Of The Serpent have now given us something a little more substantial to sustain us in single “Profiling A Demon”. That is the precursor for a concept record said to contain a frightening horror story about a detective hunting down a serial killer that makes paintings using the blood of his victims and ithas distinctive 80’s horror cover art. There maybe no pre-orders as yet, but you can check out the bands other material over at bandcamp.

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