Throwback: “The Purist Strain Of Hate” from Thy Art Is Murder!

Back when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth Australian Deathcore brutes Thy Art Is Murder entered Machine Shop Studios in Belleville New Jersey with Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Body Count, Fit For An Autopsy) for five days of pre-production before drum tracking followed by the laying down of the material that would become their sophomore album “Hate“. Vocals were recorded by the cover of darkness with CJ McMahon’s trademark misanthropic undertones critical of modern life with not only politically and socially aware lyrics but also those that question Humanity’s part in the environment with guests Nico Webers from War from a Harlots Mouth and Joel Birch from The Amity Affliction joining him. The result of those sessions is an album as intense as the fires of Hell itself that while receiving mixed reviews at the time has grown in our estimations over the intervening years thanks to the band sidestepping genre clich├ęs and instead cutting its own path through the Urban Jungle. So here’s to 10 glorious years of “Hate” with “The Purist Strain Of Hate“!

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