NEWS: Visceral climb the tree for forbidden fruit?

18th November will see Raging Planet Records unveil “The Tree of Venomous Fruit”, the debut album of Visceral, a new Death Metal project hailing from Portugal and masterminded by Bruno K. He is joined by drummer Menthor Serpens known for his work in Enthroned, Lucifyre and Nightbringer, bassist Alexandre Ribeiro from Grog and Earth Electric and vocalist Guilherme Henriques from Gaerea and Oak. They have premiered a first taste of the album with a playthrough video for “Toxin

Bruno K comments: “Talking about Visceral, I have to talk about myself really, because this is, to some extent, a very personal project. These last twelve months have been like a rebirth for me and I had the opportunity to rediscover myself, not only mentally and physically but also as an artist. I naturally found the right persons to accompany me on this journey, and there was no great need to do much explaining or provide guidelines, because I know them well, and when I invited them to take part in Visceral, I didn’t want to cripple their artistic creativity in any way. I even altered some things influenced by their input, because we are not only friends – the respect and admiration for one another goes across their professionalism as musicians, because all of them and their skills are at the top of the game of extreme music

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