NEWS: Nihilist Death Cult premier “Obey & Consume”!

Inspired by John Carpenter’s “They Live”, Toronto Canadian veterans Nihilist Death Cult who feature in their ranks members and former members of Pestilence, Abyss, Tribe of Pazuzu and Soulstorm, have shared a music video for the track “Obey & Consume”. Running on a lyrical narrative which is about just following blindly and not questioning anything, and being a good consumer. The time to fight is always now, not later and this one takes pride of place on the bands recently released album “Death To All Tyrants“.

Bassist and vocalist Nick Sagias: “When I started writing for NDC, I knew that I wanted it to be aggressive, relentless, savage, no breakdowns, short songs, angry hardcore punk, the fact that my brother’s drumming fit perfectly in that and he was into it was a bonus for this otherwise it probably never would have happened. We just wanted to do this relentless style that we love and miss. Poison Idea, early DRI, early Bad Brains, the early dbeat bands, Discharge and GBH, that stuff gets the blood pumping and that’s the kinda stuff we wanna hear and see live

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