NEWS: Throat Locust premier “Corruption & Greed”!

Intent on cracking skulls with their blend of Death Groove Metal inspired by the likes of Pantera and Bolt Thrower, quintet Throat Locust have wasted little time in preparation. Having formed at the dawn of 2022 they have spent 12 months refining their sound and will unleash hell in the form of their debut EP “Dragged Through Glass” on 6th January. If the sound of the Corpus Christi Texas outfit resonates then you can find the record for pre-order over at bandcamp.

The band comments: “‘Corruption & Greed’ is for OSDM fans that love the fast and brutal riffs of Bloodbath, Deicide and Florida heavyweights with the groove and breakdown of hardcore, crossover and early Thrash Metal. Slayer solos and whammy bar antics top this off with mayhem and chaos made for circle pits and raised fists.”

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