NEWS: TrendKill premier “A Broken View”!

Rounding off their year in style, North East Groove Thrash act TrendKill have announced an endorsement and custom VK bass snare drum which can be heard on their brand new single “A Broken View“. The cut is their third single of 2022 following “Blinded By Fate” and “Poison The Well“, all of which have been wrapped up in shows with Bleed Someone Dry, Schemata Theory and Devastator to name but a few. No mirrors were harmed in the making of the music video.


The band comment: “Introducing the Corey Bennett custom VK 14×8 brass snare, courtesy of the fantastic VK Drums! This snare sounds HUGE and you can hear it in action on our next single “A Broken View”! Be sure to check out VK Drums for the highest quality drums available! They make some incredible, unique drums kits that sound just as good as they look!

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