Review: “Extirpated Mortal Process” by Stabbing

You may have though we’d learned our lesson having reviewed debut EP “Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught” by Brutal Texas Death Metal act Stabbing back in December 2021. But like someone with a serious hot sauce addiction and a tolerance for third degree burns, when they announced their debut album, we came running. For those not in the know, the quartet earned their scars in brutal units like Scattered Remains, Flesh Hoarder and Nephilim Grinder and comprise vocalist Bridget Lynch and bassist Meryl Fry along side guitarist Marvin Ruiz and drummer Rene Martinez. Curiously enough though, for their debut album they have pulled out all the stops and worked with an intriguing set of people. The drums were recorded with Josh Vasquez of Malignant Existence at JMTX Productions, the guitars and vocals by Chris Kritikos (Oceans Of Slumber) at Southwing Audio and mixing and mastering duties were handled by Januaryo Hardy (Pure Wrath, Waking The Cadaver, Brodequin). Like the pairing of cheese with fine wine, “Extirpated Mortal Process” is accompanied by magnificently malicious artwork of Daemorph Art (Aborted Fetus, Black Dahlia Murder, Iron Fire)…

Theres no two ways about it, the track listing for “Extirpated Mortal Process” reads like a Robert Rodriguez directed movie based on a Stephen King novel, which is exactly how it sounds. Short, feral and ferocious “Inhaling The Dead” creates an air of tension while borrowing a couple of ideas from Hardcore and Thrash in the riff and rhythm department. The dynamic is vicious and unrelenting as it pours into “Razor Wire Strangulation“, tipping a hat to the likes of Suffocation as it plays out with Lynch sounding like she’s unlocked her jaw to ingest the microphone like a snake. The lyrics are largely beyond comprehension which means her throat becomes an instrument of mass destruction to augment the guitars as she Slams her way through the tracks. Despite the sheer brutality and intensity of the record there is still a fair amount of Texas groove here with “Southern Hacksaw Execution” and the album title track having moments that remind of Pantera and Pissing Razors, something that is partially down to the choice of guitar tone from Ruiz. Giving us a rare solo “Leishmaniasis” also finds Martinez in his element on the kit, giving legends like Kevin Talley a run for his money with a powerhouse performance which threatens earthquakes. The sinister edge and menacing atmosphere continues into the rampage that is “Visions Of Eternal Suffering“, a tour de force of classic Death Metal performed at breakneck speed that leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of entry into Arkham Asylum.

You thought there would be a clean sung almost operatic Symphonic Metal ballad in the centre of the record? Haha. Oh how naive. “Final Flesh Feast” is a Vampiristic tale of cannibalism that would make Twitch Of The Death Nerve itch uncomfortably. Fry’s bass has been allowed to bleed out into the mix a little which adds a little seasoning to the flavour of the rhythmic pummelling, the opportunity for another solo not taken up. Zakk Wylde style pitch harmonics have however been added to the monsterous onslaught that is “Stabbing“, a cut that sums the band up perfectly in one easily digestible piece of unfathomable audio violence. The band keep the songs short and fast meaning that the gutteral vocals are never too much but retain that super aggressive, confrontational savagery that made the debut an impressive start. While “Visceral Liquid Terror” threatens to downtempo, “Slashed Throat Awakening” dials up the energy, ploughing through the naysayers and leaving a trail of blood for the cops to find across the fresh snow. The song construction is clever, giving each cut an instantly memorable flow before the blunt force truma of the intense to the point of burning “It Ends With Flames” hits. Why they fade out what sounds like it’s going to be a brilliant solo at the end, only the Devil herself knows. Saving the most brutal to last with “Pulsing Wound” which sounds like Lynch has been possessed by a Demon is a masterstroke and it seems clear that Stabbing aren’t just a flash in the pan but here to slay [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Inhaling The Dead
  2. Razor Wire Strangulation
  3. Southern Hacksaw Execution
  4. Extirpated Mortal Process
  5. Leishmaniasis
  6. Visions Of Eternal Suffering
  7. Final Flesh Feast
  8. Stabbing
  9. Visceral Liquid Terror
  10. Slashed Throat Awakening
  11. It Ends With Flames
  12. Pulsing Wound

Extirpated Mortal Process” by Stabbing is out 9th December 2022 via Comatose Music with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

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