Exclusive Interview: Moeror talk “All That We Seem”!

A harrowing tale, “All That We Seem” as an exploration of their Post-Metal influences from Greek Experimental Atmospheric Black Metal act Moeror as well as blending heavier synths to their sound. Paying tribute to their fallen brother X and kept between the remaining band members Giannis Anagnostou (Guitars, Vocals, Artwork), Kostis Prassas (Guitars, Synths, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering), Nodas Zanos (Bass, Backing Vocals) and session drummer Kevin Paradis, it raises the question of how long the project will remain in existence as they wade into the black depths…

How have you found the reaction to “All That We Seem” so far? “So far so good. Even though it’s different from our previous works, we’ve received good feedback on the album and we would like to thank everyone for their support”

You dedicated the new album to your original vocalist X while each taking on vocal duties. What brought about the decision not to bring in a new vocalist for the album? “It felt more natural to keep it between us after X’s passing. It was important for us to express these songs from our own perspective. Bringing a new vocalist at that point would not work I think. Most likely the band will remain as is in the future”

The album is an exploration of Post-Metal influences; how do you feel looking back on that now? Do you think that this is something you will expand upon further in future albums? “It’s kind of early to form a thorough opinion on the album. It definitely represents the current state of the band. I guess post metal influences will always be a part of Moeror, but I can’t tell if future releases will move towards this direction or not”

If we are the product of our genes, influences and surroundings, what is in your jeans and who have been your influences in bringing “All That We Seem” to life? “Our main influences are Polish black metal, as well as American post metal. We’ve also been listening to Xasthur non-stop since perhaps 2008. Malefic’s approach to music is a big inspiration to us. Either way, we listen to a lot of stuff, metal or not”

In our review of “All That We Seem” we mentioned the darkly evil cinematic qualities of “Emptiness Behind The Veil”. If the opportunity came about to write a film score for a low budget horror film would that be something that floated your boat? Have you found any inspiration from films previously? “First of all, I’d like to thank you for the insightful review. Creating an atmosphere for an album is as critical to us as the songs themselves. And sometimes, these ambient soundscapes become a whole song. It would be a great honor for us to compose something specifically for a movie, horror or otherwise. We find it very interesting to contribute with our music on another artist’s vision. And of course we draw inspiration from any form of art, including filmography”

What’s next for Moeror? “Since the band is not performing live, we’ll continue with composing some new songs. We have some plans on releasing an EP in 2023, but nothing is certain at this point”All That We Seem” by Moeror is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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