NEWS: Electron get down with the sickness…

Originally hailing from Portugal, London Metal trio Electron have split the atom with their latest single “Sick And Wrong” but their plans go far deeper than that for 2023. Having played a pair of Camden Rocks one dayers and trodden the boards with the likes of Stormbringer and Voltstorm in 2022, this year they’re looking at crafting their debut album at Rogue Studios (Ellefson, Arthemis) as well as spreading more of their disease live.

Frontman Jason Payne comments: “The track symbolises solitude, melancholy, madness, anxiety and fear. The persona in this song (inspired by “The Scream, E. Munch”) is suffering a lot of pain. In the beginning, this person has hope that they will escape from the terror of its own mind – however, as the song evolves, they grow aware that the melancholy is eternal, and revolt with their agony

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