NEWS: Fulci burn in the tropical sun!

Notorious Italian death metal force Fulci will once again rise from the grave to carry horror and death metal to the masses around the world on 27th February when they will be releasing “Tropical Sun – The short movie“, a new DVD alongside a 7” vinyl soundtrack via Time To Kill Records.

Having already released a concept album in “Tropical Sun” in 2019 that is based upon the cult filk “Zombi 2” and celebrates the work of Italian film director Lucio Fulci as well as their passions for Death Metal, the band now join forces with Ritual Video to create a short gore movie about a mad doctor who brings the dead back to life!

The soundtrack of the movie was conceived by Fulci together with side project TV-Crimes and it’s released on vinyl inspired by the Italian “45 giri” of the Seventies. It will feature a pair of cuts in “Tropical Sun (Main Theme)” and “Eye Full of Maggots” with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

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