NEWS: Glower crawl out from under with Infiltrator!

After announcing a quartet of shows with Winter Hotel for April, Brighton Metallic Hardcore quintet Glower have dropped their first single of 2023 in “Infiltrator“. Hopefully it won’t be their last as since 2021 debut album “Eyes Full of Spite” they gave us just one gift in 2022…

Catch Glower in April with Winter Hotel

12/04 – London – New Cross Inn
13/04 – Bournemouth – The Anvil
14/04 – Luton – Castle Live
15/04 – Bridgewater – Cobblestones

The band comment: “Infiltrator is about the unity and solidarity of the people in this country, as every single day we are oppressed, made to suffer, and laughed at by a dictatorship we’re supposed to call a democracy. They don’t care, they have no dignity, and they have no shame. How much more more can we take before there’s nothing left of us? What if just once these tyrants witnessed fear like the people of this country have had to endure every single day for years? As long as these evil pests sit in charge, denying our human rights on every level, we will continue to suffer and decay. No more lies, you deceptive fucking cowards. Now it’s your turn to fear

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