NEWS: Tempers fray for Black Rabbit?

The third chapter of upcoming debut album “Hypnosomnia” the the choice for the first single from it in “Culmination of Hate” from Dutch Groove Thrash Death Metal outfit Black Rabbit. The album will drop on 24th March in follow up to debut EP “Warren Of Necrosis”, however the line up has changed since then while remaining inspired by the likes of Megadeth, Obituary and of course Death

The band describe the albums concept: “Black Rabbit’s relentless rodents continue their lore by creating a back-bone to their concept. The chronological order of the album translates to the patterns, tempos and activity of the human brain during its sleeping process.

They implemented a story to this structure that follows Black Rabbit hypnotizing his victims to sleep (by reading to them in his book), in order to condemn them to hell. Before they go through the gates though, they first need to complete a number of tasks to understand why this is their fate. 

After the first jolt of energy you feel when falling asleep, you immediately dive into the tragedy of a mad man’s destiny

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