The Black Map #242: Native from Dublin!

It’s Sunday. You’ve woken up with a proper sweat on and a dry mouth, hungover from the combination of beers and shots from the night before. You got to move and your neck aches, the headbanging from the Metal gig last night a little over the top. Stumbling into the kitchen you put the kettle on for coffee and throw down a couple of Anadin Extra before finding someone has eaten the last of the bread and your precious Coco Pops. Ah well. At least there is The Black Map. Our weekly feature that puts a fierce FBI integration spotlight on the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene and recommends a few bands to check out…

…and this week we head over to Dublin to check out Native. As dark as the black coffee you’re about to consume when it comes to their lyrics, the band offer flavours of Crust, Metal, Punk, D-Beat and Hardcore all interwoven into each other like flesh caught on a barbed wire fence. That sentence is one that might make us sound as pretentious as infamous wine taster Jilly Goolden but we can not be anything other than honest having fallen in love with their violent and turbulent sophomore EP “Dog Chain“. That followed five years after their self titled ripper, having been recorded at Last Light Recordings by Shauny Cads before being mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Mindforce, Drug Church). They’re specialists in short, sharp and abrasive material that fits perfectly around a busy schedule and a short attention span but are probably not best served in a hangover fueled world so perhaps add them to tomorrow’s playlist when you’ll be losing your rag having explained to a colleague how to do something twelve times but they still won’t have got it. Bills play. Goosfraba. Bandcamp.


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