NEWS: First Wave of bands for Mercury’s Well Summer Bash 2023!

It’s official. The forecast for Saturday 22nd July is looking like it’s going to be an absolute scorcher, especially if you happen to be at Facebar in Reading for the fifth anniversary of Summer Bash. Hosted by Progressive Death Metal trio Mercury’s Well this year looks to be a fully fledged one dayer with the band announcing a first wave of three bands to join them for a fun filled extravaganza. If last year’s event was anything to go by then you can expect inflatable fun, Hawaiian shirts and flower necklaces as well as bassist James Tiffin joining every single band for a guest vocal part.  Metal Karaoke of the highest order. Oh and they’ve also gone and blown the bloody doors off by announcing MetalNoise.Net (who are they?!) as a media partner. The line up thus far looks like this…

Tribe Of Ghosts
Mercury’s Well
Perp Walk

Tickets are available here.

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