NEWS: Necronomicon Ex Mortis arise from the black depths!

A second chainsaw riff inspired cut from the upcoming debut self titled EP of Chicago based Necronomicon Ex Mortis has stepped out of the ring on your TV set and into your living room. Brought to life from a cauldron of 80’s horror movies on VHS, the 80’s shred Gods, “Nocturnal” has followed “Celestial Tomb” as the second of four cuts from the record and follows the classic plot line about murdering teenagers at a summer camp. Expect 90’s Death Metal and 80’s Thrash influences galore on 31st March!

The band details the track: ““Nocturnal” was the result of an experiment on Mike’s part to write a more mid-tempo thrash song. He wanted to have a relatively interesting song structure with very little repetition (except for the chorus). He also decided to challenge himself in the studio by improvising the guitar solo, which he recorded in a single take.”

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