NEWS: Three strikes and Kuoleman Galleria are out?

A third single in “Sieluvaras” (or “Soul thief“) from the fourth album “Pedon Synty” (or “Birth of the Beast“) by Kuoleman Galleria has materialized with a date of 24th March set by Inverse Records for the release. The Tampere, Finland based Black ‘n Roll outfit have already been blacklisted by most venues having made their presence felt since 2016s “Kärsimys Kunniaan” (or “Suffering for Glory“). Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

The frontman Kimmo Jankkari backgrounds the single: “Sieluvaras (Soulthief) takes you back to the suppressed memories. It leads to the domination over you. To despair, anger and revenge. The ascendancy might anyhow turn over and the king might have to step down from his throne. When there is only one path to follow the choises are limited to minimum. This song crystallizes the story of the album. It’s a metamorphosis that end up into the destruction of the entity holding the power.”

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