Rabidfest 2023: Breaking Down The Bands #9: Johanna Rey!

Just when you thought you had it figured out that’s when, The wave of terror comes crashing down” that’s what Danny Leal from Upon A Burning Body wrote on “Sin City” from the bands seminal album “Red. White. Green.” back in 2012 and it kind of seems fitting with the wave of new band announcements from Rabidfest. Last week the powers that be added another four to the original nine while once again enhancing the variety of spicy flavours we expect to see on the Devolution Magazine sponsored main stage come November. Ticket links are at the bottom of this very article but before you get to that, here is the so far announced line up in full once more…

Blaze Bayley
Ward XVI
Tribe Of Ghosts
From Her Ashes
Draconian Reign
Lest We Forget
Johanna Rey

Whoa… hold up. Before you get to those prized ticket links, this paragraph right here is the main event. That’s because lucky number #13 on the announcement list and number #9 in our Breaking Down The Bands series puts the FBI Interrogation spotlight firmly on Johanna Rey while putting you two numbers towards what you need to enter the lottery. Who are they? Named after Nini Johana Rey Sanchez, a thief who used “The Devil’s Breath” to rob her victims, they are a quartet hailing from the Midlands who specialise in aggressive Hardcore and dropped a 27 minute, 11 track debut album in “Reality Fallacy” back in October. A rip roaring affair front loaded with earworm Metallic Hardcore riffs and a thunderous percussive sound it also has the kind of thought provoking lyrics about important subject matters like anxiety and depression that find them in the same realm as US acts like Every Time I Die and American Standards. So on the evidence they’ve already submitted to the Judge, Jury and Executioner you can expect absolute bedlam in the mosh pit at The Bullingdon to reflect a chaotic and incendiary live performance taking place upon the stage. If you want to know where to start with these guys we recommend “Trial By Choice” as one that encapsulates exactly what they’re all about…

We’re proud to be a Media Partner of Rabidfest again this year alongside Red Death MediaMoomin Merchandise, Metalplanetmusic, Moshville Times, GraphicsFix, Unearthed Music and main stage sponsor Devolution Magazine. The Festival is all for charity and this year the profits going to the The Sophie Lancaster Foundation!

Rabidfest will take place at The Bullingdon in Oxford over the weekend of the 4th and 5th November 2023:

Get your tickets here -> https://www.rabidfest.co.uk

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