Review: “From Tears to Vengeance” by Dawn of Extinction

Having unleashed a prized pair of EPs in 2015’s “Apocalypse” and 2018’s “Welcome to the New Century, Slaves” as well as a full length in 2016’s “Rebirth Of Hate” over the past decade as well as sharing stages with the likes of Crisix, Vita Imana or Ankor at Resurrection Fest we should know what we’re in for when it comes to listening to new music from Dawn Of Extinction. Deliberately steering away from the “core” concept the band were formed by brothers Cristian (guitars and vocals) and Daniel Juárez (guitars) built on their influences in both Death and Thrash Metal. They are joined by bassist Marcos Morales and drummer Alexis Gálvez as they continue their pursuit of their vision of Metal perfection…

From Tears to Vengeance” celebrates a decade of aggression from Spanish Death Thrash enthusiasts Dawn Of Extinction in the finest possible way with six fresh cuts that confirm they have lost none of their hunger or rage during that time. Reminiscent of “Ascendancy” era Trivium opening cut “Beyond the Fear” sets the pace with throat shredding uncleans in the verses bursting into clean moments in the choruses. As you would expect from musicians of this stature the band ensure that none of the lightening in a bottle energy of this one is lost during those vocal changes while injecting vibrant melodic and melancholic lead guitar work that takes inspiration from the Gothenburg scene. You might think that it could sound old having been done before but Dawn Of Extinction prove that there is still plenty of life in the genre with a classy performance that elevates the mood while sounding gloriously familiar. That gives it an instant appeal to those who aren’t familiar with the band and will get the heads banging and poison chalices raised in appreciation on the first listen. “Rise from Oblivion” continues in the same vein, the musicianship impeccable and the performance slick. Being Spanish with English not their first language doesn’t bring any accenting to the vocals, in point of fact there is very little to indicate that the band are not American on this record.

Passing on the option for a mid record power ballad “The Monster Inside” offers up some introspective lyrics as it tears down the blue skies with another electrifying riff fest that finds the band in stunning form. A whirlwind of a cut that offers intertwining solos from a pair of six stringers in their element, you can probably expect to see them joining Jared Dines for one of those shred off videos really soon. A moment of melody acts as a palate cleanser before the staccato riff breaks of “Underrated” kick in for another prestigious performance. Extended instrumental passages warm the heart with intricate solos, each well thought out and escaping the trappings of the virtuoso. Not that we don’t love a flamboyant moment, just that it would be ill fitting here. Flipping the script on the first four cuts “Haters” delivers a short fast knuckle duster punch in the face of aggression as it throws away the need for a clean vocal with a torrent of unclean vocals and a gang chant change up as the band go all out attack. It would be interesting to hear them deliver a few more like this – think “Deathrider” by Anthrax and you’ll get the picture. Saving the best to last with the title track, Dawn Of Extinction keep things tight sonically while bringing back the clean chorus in keeping with the first couple of cuts, this last one is an arena filler from a band for the big occasion [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Beyond the Fear
  2. Rise from Oblivion
  3. The Monster Inside
  4. Underrated
  5. Haters
  6. From Tears to Vengeance

From Tears to Vengeance” by Dawn of Extinction is out 24th March 2023 via Art Gates Records

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