Review: “Human Abyss” by Ingraves

Glaswegian Metalcore merchants Ingraves may have been around since the summer of 2018 but until now have remained under the radar of many with 2019 self titled EP and 2022 single “Unity” their only offerings and the Great Plague years threatening to undo their perpetual forward motion and derail the train. However, not to be beaten by the tide while seeking someone new to grace the drum stool they obtained the services of Riki Hobkirk to program the instrument and ensure their latest evil creation would see the cold light of day…

A swirling nightmare of programming introduces “False Gods” with some Gloom Metal tingled flare before dark Nu-Metalcore riffs reach up and touch the void into Deathcore in brutal fashion without quite reaching the genre. Instead the band bring a powerful scream-a-long chorus with a melodic underbelly that somehow manages to maintain the intensity levels of the searing aggression of the verse while adding another dimension to the sound. A Post-Hardcore styled melodic break allows the band to swing back for a Metallic Hardcore heavyweight sucker punch of a finale of breakdowns and screams is the absolute Chef’s Kiss. A storming ode to the pressures of modern life “Stress Depress Repeat” is nothing but pure unadulterated catharsis. A powerful hook sinks in deep with spine juddering angular riffs and nightmarish atmospherics, this one feels like it has been inspired the kind of work that Downthesun or Gizmachi gave us back in the late 90’s but the modern production value means this slaps that much harder. The bleak and hard hitting lyrical narrative is one thing, the pure pain driven dynamic is quite another so rather than some woe is me weepy nonsense the band deliver something with grit and integrity to which everyone and their dog can relate. It’s not easy being breezy when the World around you has turned to s*** like milk gone sour and this is incredibly well worked. “Wake Up” brings the gang chants and perhaps owes something to some Hardcore roots while having a dark melody underneath the powerful crushing weight of the sonic abrasions. Socially aware, this one has a dirge laden aspect as it lyrically trawls the emotional depths and presents the day to day struggles of those hanging by a thread in a way which means more than the band themselves probably realise. The depths of depression seemingly know no limits with the powerful call to arms that is “Self Medicated“, the clenched fist of someone wanting to crawl out from under and begin the ascendancy from the black depths. Bleak and harrowing it’s also a stunning piece of self preservation that simply must be heard. The death rattle of “Isolated” raises the temperature to scorching levels with hints of DJent between the pulverising rhythms as another cathartic vent releases unclean roars that know no end. From the depths of the hell that is “Human Abyss” lurks a demon demanding to be set free, the life affirming moments enough to ensure that th depression will end and sunshine will return to the lush green rolling hills and valleys of the damaged mind once more [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. False Gods
  2. Stress Depress Repeat
  3. Wake Up
  4. Self Medicated
  5. Isolated

Human Abyss” by Ingraves is out 10th March 2023

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