Review: “Survivor’s Guilt” by Anywhere But Home

A Detroit Michigan quintet playing a style of music that includes elements of  Progressive Metalcore and Melodic Hardcore, Anywhere But Home are an outfit that write with the intension of connecting to the listener through an emotionally charged sound. They cite influences in staples of the current scene like The Ghost Inside, Counterparts and Stick to your Guns and recorded “Survivors Guilt” with the help of Shiva guitarist Kevin Jutila using the moniker Lost Fire Productions. He also handled the Mixing and Mastering. The band have a wealth of experience with vocalist Brent Gates having been in Away The Beast, guitarist and backing vocalist  Charlie Pfahlert having been in Westhand, guitarist Jacob Irons once playing in Revenant, bassist Dustin Bostick getting funky in BlackRiver leaving only drummer Cody Holcomb having no prior convictions.

The influences are strongly felt with “Mend and Conquer“, the band having the strength of character to put what could be an album closer of subtleties, melodic and emotional intelligence and a huge drum sound at the start of “Survivors Guilt“. It’s a brave move and pays off in spades as it clears the decks and grabs the attention for the single “Worn In“. Its refreshing to have the vocals be the heaviest or hardest hitting part of a bands sound and keeping the guitars melodic gives the sentiment of the lyrics more punch pound for pound. “Marks” steps up the guitar work with some tasteful chugging riffs alongside the emotive leads and brings the band closer to it’s peers in terms of overall sound. The piano element is a thing of beauty and gives the whole sound that weight of the World on your shoulders meloncholic feel. Title track “Survivors Guilt” steps up the aggression levels once more with a bass intro before the battering of riffs and pounding rhythms takes hold. Now if you’d said there would be a “Bleigh!” moment on this EP at the start, we’d have laughed but the title track is the equivalent of “2nd Sucks” in the catalogue of A Day To Remember, a total raging bull of a cut that shows a completely different side of what Anywhere But Home are capable of. Closer “Alchemist” which features a guest appearance from Kevin Jutila himself finds a delicate balance between the two sounds the band offered to this point. Then when you’re least expecting it, it flows into a DJent groove pattern and some August Burns Red esq solo work. Just like that. The transition from start to finish is completely mind blowing, a musical journey that is completely unexpected. Where to they go from here? Your guess is as good as ours. Upon reflection, the song ordering wouldn’t work any other way, the build up is what gives that final cut that epic quality [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Mend and Conquer
  2. Worn Down
  3. Marks
  4. Survivors Guilt
  5. Alchemist ft. Kevin Jutila of Shiva

Survivor’s Guilt” by Anywhere But Home is out now and available over at bandcamp

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