Review: “Resistenza” by Fearout

Having seduced Inverse Records with their fusion of filthy Stoner Metal guitars, noisy Punk Rock attitude and dark volatile melodies, Fearout unleashed their debut album “Bleedthrough” through the label in November 2021. The story goes that the band had a couple of songs left over from recording sessions as far back as 2008 and feeling inspired the Helsinki Finland natives rested their itchy trigger fingers and picked up their instruments once more as soon as that album was mastered. The result is what the band are calling an EP in “Resistenza“, an affair mixed by Seppo Nummela (Denigrate, Embreach) and mastered by Joni Borodavkin (Mørket, End Of You) an featuring seven cuts for seven deadly sins…

Rich in influence from bands like The Misfits and Millencolin, “Hey Stringer, Where’s Wallace?” references the hit TV series The Wire lyrically and has a rich upbeat feel and a big sing-a-long anthemic Punk Rock chorus. Both simple and effective, it has a timeless quality to it which ensures that it will go down well in the live arena. Written after the start of the war in Ukraine, “The End of the World” then builds on the aesthetic with a high octane energy that is in total contrast to the sombre and sobering politically and socially aware lyrics which makes it oddly fun. Kind of like saying, we can party, two step and do an Irish Jig while watching the World burn on television. Arguably the fastest song the band have in their repertoire, it’s gallows humour at its finest and perhaps unintentionally so. Bringing back the Metal edge with a bit of a Thrash vibe, “One Bullet (to Fix It All)” keeps the sing-a-long chorus with the post-hypnotic suggestion that all the World needs is a very good sniper and a single round. It’s of course tongue in cheek as well as being politically aware and refreshing in the sense that it’s good to hear bands discussing the topics of the day rather than introspection or stories with their lyrics. A Punk Rock operation wouldn’t be complete with out a love story and “Hanoi Rocks” is that song, referencing the favourite band of guitarist and vocalist Justus Latvala’s favourite band. It’s a little bit cheesy and perhaps even safe but that doesn’t stop it from being a fun listen.

The first of two songs written back in 2008 for another project “Altogether” is another socially aware cut, influenced by stories of Police brutality and in particular the George Floyd case. Interwoven with earworm riffs and classic Punk Rock structure, its the kind of timeless work that will keep you coming back to the record for more, time and time again, even if it has been done before – simply because Fearout do it so damn well. Everything is slick and polished while still sounding rough enough around the edges to appeal to a wider audience. Based on a true story about a man who failed to burn himself alive “What’s the Matter With You” is a heavier cut which has the bounce of an early System Of A Down cut thanks to the verse riff while having a chorus more in keeping with the earlier offerings here. As addictive as a designer drug, this one is arguably the standout, it’s extra aggression giving it more bite. Do Punk Metal albums have grand finales? Well “Seattle Suicide Pact” is the final cut, a tale of a conflicted soul who needs to decide between being commercially successful and being true to the art they create. It’s something that all bands go through at some point and this one again originating in 2008 also cross references the Kurt Cobain story with style and grace. Overall an intelligent record with plenty reel you in and keep you entertained [7.5/10]

Track Listing

1. Hey Stringer, Where’s Wallace?
2. The End of the World
3. One Bullet (to Fix It All)
4. Hanoi Rocks
5. Altogether
6. What’s the Matter With You
7. Seattle Suicide Pact

Resistenza” by Fearout is out 5th May 2023 via Inverse Records and is available over at bandcamp.

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