Review: “Hereafter” EP by Vamachara

Returning to the tried and trusted in Taylor Young of The Pit Recording Studio who handled production, recording and mixing of “Hereafter” was essential for Vamachara. He had previously done the job for 2016’s “MMXVI” which features “Reign Of Hate” that nearing 230k streams on Spotify and 2018’s “Despondent” full length debut to boot. The Southern California Hardcore five piece also went back to Brad Boatright of Audioseige for the mastering as they did with “Despondent” and having followed Judiciary across to Europe in May, they’ve gained more than a few friends and fans this side of the pond. A 6 track, 17 minute EP might seem an eyebrow raising move 22 months down the track, but the band are playing sets of around 30 minutes live on bills of 5 plus bands so it’s a sensible take. Like rolling over a security van as opposed to a bank.

An 87 second largely intrumental breakdown festival “Introid” is your classic Metallic Hardcore crowd pleaser. A hype track that makes you want to grab someone next to and get into the pit, it’s got a raw sounding guitar tone and enough background noise to give the perception of a live flow one take recording. Soaked in feedback, before an epically proportioned pick slide “Deliverance” has a two pronged vocal approach with some higher pitched banshee witch caustic lines alternating between a Hardcore staple bark. There are plenty of tricks on show with the guitar work providing plenty of scratches, squeals and breakdowns. If you’re a fan of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Sanctuary or Chamber  then this could well be up your street. “Beyond Reach” has some Integrity feel to it with a loose and raw sound after some eerie electronics make for a left field introduction. Tempo shifts make room for varying lengths of vocal lines as traditional structures get abandoned to the wolves.

“V.O.L.” takes us down the Speed Thrash route of Slayer in a surprise left turn, when crossing over seemed like the last thing Vamachara would bring to the plate. That being said as they cross over between some slower Hardcore breakdowns and speedier sections it works incredibly well. “Void” turns further left with an emotional meloncholy that acts as a moment of clarity in a whirlwind of riffs. It’s slow burn build is an interesting and unexpected Post Hardcore moment that is only ever so slightly undone by the drum sound being a little bit overpowering at the start. “Anticipated Demise” returns us to the Vamachara core sound with some dark and heavy riffs before stepping up in the second verse like a truck leaving the state. A pummelling affair, it leaves no stone unturned as it batters your ear drums with off kilter Metal riffs in a Hardcore framework that sounds like it was recorded live. There is nothing slick about “Hereafter“. It’s a knuckleduster is a bar room brawl after a few beers that leaves your bloody and adrenalized [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Introid
  2. Deliverance
  3. Beyond Reach
  4. V.O.L.
  5. Void
  6. Anticipated Demise

“Hereafter” by Vamachara is out now via Closed Casket Activities and available over at bandcamp

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