NEWS: Arch Blade unmask the next victim?

A third single from Arch Blade (ex-Dark Angel, ex-Dreams Of Damnation) signals the final countdown to the release of their debut album “Kill The Witch” via Rockshots Records on 28th July. The LA-based heavy metallers have chosen “Under The Mask” to follow previous singles “Nightbreed” and “Factory of Sin” as three of ten that blend Thrash, Power and Traditional Heavy Metal… and they have a lot more where these came from

The band comment: “Ultimate horror legend comes to life, and you can’t hide. It’s a perfect song to close the album because it’s got everything in it, almost like a musical and lyrical summary of the record. Also, a very fast-paced heavy metal that turns into thrash metal halfway through and then goes back. The last catchphrase was captured at the studio after Al finished one of his takes, and that phrase says it all about this record!

We picked the best songs that we had and focused on them. We did pass on a couple that was not right for the narrative of this album. We are already working on the second album. We feel like it will be even more composed and catchy, so to speak. We want to get back in the studio ASAP.”

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