NEWS: Karpathian Relict to return with “Never Be After”!

Adorned by fabulous cover artwork from Michał “Xaay” Loranc (God DethronedKamelotNile) a third album “Never Be After” from Ukrainian/Polish Death Metal act Karpathian Relict is set for a 9th September release. Originally formed as far back as 2006 as Orthodox, they released debut album “Forever Not Yet” in 2011, two years after it was recorded however after two years of stagnation the band rebranded with a new line up releasing “Beyond The Over” in 2017 and re-releasing their debut under the new moniker a year later. “Bury In The Past” is the first single from the new record with pre-orders available here.

The band comment: “There will be admixtures of technical death metal and progressive music. In a few places, there will also be instrumental interludes on instruments not often found in extreme music, but we will not reveal the exact details. We hope that the listeners will also share our excitement and together we will make it to the publication of all tracks.

The new album is a reflection of what we like to listen to ourselves, and since each of us has completely different tastes, we tried to combine it in some way. We hope that the new album will give listeners a lot of fun discovering what is recorded on it and will make them want to come back to it again and again and again and each time it will be a new experience in communing with our music and new discoveries.”

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