NEWS: TakaLaiton tell us we get what we asked for…

A second single “Get What You Asked For” from debut album “Mindfection” is the purest form of Finnish Thrashers TakaLaiton and their musical mayhem. Produced by Teemu Aalto (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium) it will drop on 28th July via Rockshots Records. The lyrics are based on today’s society in the way of how we’re nothing but ready to kill our own if we don’t think the same about everything in general along with the idea that everything and everyone has a price.

On the single the band comment: “Corporations are ready to destroy mother nature for the sake of the dollar and everyone who stands in their way has a price that makes them back off

Adding on the album: “We think this will be the album that the TakaLaiton fans will consider a classic in the future. The well-known crushing sound and the rage are in there with the heartwarming melodies, which TakaLaiton fans are familiar with. We are absolutely psyched about the album’s release and the fact it’s coming through Rockshots Records! We spent literally everything we had when it comes to effort and money on this album and the final result turned out to be magnificent with the producer Teemu Aalto. With our great partners in Rockshots Records, we know that this album will find everybody that it has to!

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