NEWS: Veil Of The Serpent announce “Gallery Of Sin II”!

2023 has been another great year for the multinational Veil Of The Serpent with a trio of singles in the crushing “A Circular Pattern”, the epic “Sanatorium 51” and their take on “Burning Times” by Iced Earth all very well received. In keeping with their Halloween tradition, the band now turn to their next EP “Gallery Of Sin II”, a second three track affair and a continuation of the story from last year with “Acquiesce And Ignore” now streaming ahead of the 27th October release.

The band comments: “The first EP was about a detective hunting down a serial killer that makes paintings, using the blood of his victims, to exhibit them in the gallery of sin. In this next part of the story the gallery of sin was destroyed. The detective caught the killer and became a hero. A curious reporter steps into the spotlight and questions the case. Will the city’s new guardian angel save the city or will the reporter unveil a twisted conspiracy? You will find out soon!

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