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NEWS: Veil Of The Serpent share second Iced Earth cover!

They may have only unveiled sophomore EP “Gallery Of Sin II” at the end of October but continuing their prolific ways German and US outfit Veil Of The Serpent have released a cover of “Watching Over Me” by Iced Earth. It’s actually the second time this year that the band have released a cover from

Live Review: Rabidfest 2023 Day #2 (Sunday)!

One of the great things about Rabidfest is that while they put on a varied line up each year, there is method to their madness. This isn’t just a collection of random bands thrown into a melting pot in the hope that everyone will have a good time. Far from it. Instead, each day is

Live Review: Rabidfest 2023 Day #1 (Saturday)!

Its a wet weekend in November and golden leaves are all over the ground which can only mean one thing. After huge fanfare and extensive build up, the fifth anniversary of Oxfords biggest Metal Weekender Rabidfest is finally here! The hordes have descended upon The Bullingdon like witches and wizards gathered in the masses to

Rabidfest 2023: Breaking Down The Bands #24: Pryma!

Last week we made a fatal mistake in declaring an end to our “Breaking Down The Bands” series for the fifth anniversary incarnation of Oxford’s biggest Metal Weekender Rabidfest. As it turns out, there is one last change in the line up before this years event takes place – over the weekend of the 4th

Rabidfest 2023: Breaking Down The Bands #23: Reveller!

There are just 11 days to go until the biggest Metal Weekender that Oxford has to offer takes place on 4th and 5th November at The Bullingdon, so if you’re in need of one final reason to get a ticket, you’ve come to the right place! Rabidfest will see 20 bands take to the Devolution

Rabidfest 2023: Breaking Down The Bands #22: Shoot To Kill!

Making a mockery of our numbering sequence, bands have dropped out and been replaced since they were originally announced to take part in the special occasion that will be the fifth anniversary of Rabidfest. For clarity, there will be no less than 20 bands taking to the Devolution Magazine sponsored main stage at The Bullingdon

Rabidfest 2023: Breaking Down The Bands #21: Fetus Destruction!

Is it better to burn out or fade away? After a triumphant set at the 10th Anniversary of Tech-Fest in the summer, inking a deal in blood with Seek & Strike Records and releasing a debut full length album in “Ominous“, Midlands Technical Death Metal Monsters Monasteries decided to go their separate ways and leave

NEWS: Veil Of The Serpent announce “Gallery Of Sin II”!

2023 has been another great year for the multinational Veil Of The Serpent with a trio of singles in the crushing “A Circular Pattern”, the epic “Sanatorium 51” and their take on “Burning Times” by Iced Earth all very well received. In keeping with their Halloween tradition, the band now turn to their next EP “Gallery

Rabidfest 2023: Breaking Down The Bands #20: Maelstrom!

Last week may have brought the news that both Johanna Rey and Indecorum will no longer be performing at Rabidfest 2023 but fear not as the line up has been restored to twenty (yes 20) bands with the addition of relentless Hardcore outfit Maelstrom and crushing Grindcore unit Fetus Destruction. The fifth anniversary of Oxfords finest