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Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Metal II” episode #3 with Annihilator!

…with label earMusic promising that the new Annihilator record “Metal II” is just the start of an extensive catalogue campaign that will see special editions, bonus material, exclusive and previously unreleased material in the not to distant future, our attentions turn to mastermind Jeff Waters as part three of the documentary series to accompany the

Review: “Blood Libel” by Sleepless

In the late 1980’s Eric Detablan (Drums) and Eric Dorsett (Bass) were original members of a pioneering Death Metal act called Dead Conspiracy, who wrote and recorded what is known as “Dead Conspiracy ’87 demo“, which has to go down as five of the most ear-splitting, skull dragging pieces of necro-sound of that era. In

Review: “Curse of Autumn” by Witherfall

2017’s “Nocturnes and Requiems” was a take on Stephen King’s “Nightmares & Dreamscape” and 2018’s “A Prelude to Sorrow” was an orchestrated requiem to former drummer Adam Sagan, may he rest in peace, but with “Curse of Autumn“, Los Angeles Californians Witherfall wanted to out do themselves. So vocalist and keyboardist Joseph Michael (Sanctuary), guitarist

Playthrough: “Own Life” from Across The Swarm!

Who done it? Miss Scarlet in the Kitchen with the Knife. The bass playthrough is a rare breed so to have Mirco Diana of Across The Swarm record this one at Domination Studio in the Republic of San Marino is something of a treat. The song “Own Life” itself comes from “Projections“, an album produced

Riff Police! Pull Over! #136: Iced Earth Vs Metallica!

August 1990 saw Iced Earth enter the iconic Morrisound studio (Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Morbid Angel) to record their seminal self titled debut full length record with the man himself, Tom Morris. Listening to that record 30 years on and flavours of Thrash, Power Metal and Speed Metal with influences in Iron Maiden and Dio are

NEWS: Witherfall to join Evergrey and Dust In Mind in 2021!

…with their album “Curse Of Autumn” set to turn heads on 5th March 2021 via Century Media, Witherfall have been announced as special guests on the Evergrey European tour trek with Dust In Mind. The band are a group of seasoned musicians who have performed in Sanctuary, Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards, Chon, Shalmor, Allan

Review: “Iced Earth” by Iced Earth (30th Anniversary Edition)

Back in August 1990, Iced Earth entered Morrisound Studios to record their debut self titled album with producer Tom Morris in Tampa Florida. The studio had been around since 1980 and during the years that surround this very album, it was where bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death, Decide, Exhorder, Morbid Angel to name but a

Review: “Projections” by Across The Swarm

Italian Death Metallers Across The Swarm formed in 2013 and rose to prominence with a reputation for an exciting and charged live show after sharing stages with the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Modern Age Slavery, Electrocution, Hideous Divinity and Hate. The bands self titled EP appeared December of the same year and when they

NEWS: Across The Swarm celebrate “The Friction”!

One of many, many albums that was set to be released 4-5 months ago was “Projections” by Across The Swarm. It was held back by agreement between the band and Time To Kill Records after the band recorded at Domination Studio in the Republic of San Marino and got Raphael Saini (Iced Earth, Cripple Bastards)

Review: “Of Truth And Sacrifice” by Heaven Shall Burn

After taking a break, German Melodic Death Metallers Heaven Shall Burn decided to take a different creative route with their ninth studio album, the follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed “Wanderer“. Bringing in composer Sven Helbig (Rammstein, Pet Shop Boys) and renowned conductor Wilhelm Keitel, they sought to add a string section to their sound