NEWS: Job For A Cowboy premier “The Forever Rot”!

Alongside a second single in “The Forever Rot” comes confirmation that a new album titled “Moon Healer” from Job For A Cowboy will hit the ground on 23rd February 2024 via Metal Blade Records. Produced by Jason Suecof (Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel) and featuring drums from Navene Koperweis (Ethenos, Animals As Leaders, Machine Head), the record is the Technical Death Metal outfits first since 2014’s “Sun Eater”.

Jonny Davy furthers elaborates, “On Moon Healer, we explore a concept centered around a close friend who embarked on a relentless quest for profound enlightenment through the incessant abuse of hallucinogenic drugs, leading to a severe disconnection from reality due to the toll it took on their mental health. The song ‘The Forever Rot’ touches on their beliefs that human evolution and development have somehow led to the restriction of perceiving otherworldly or inter-dimensional realities and religious entities. It delves into their disconnection from the physical world and the notion that true vitality may be found in the ability to self-destruct and recreate. That some of the drugs they consumed opened these realities that evolution has closed the door on.


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