NEWS: Omega Diatribe announce “Deviant” with “Mind Reader”!

Co-produced, mixed and mastered by the legendary producer Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Suicide Silence, The Haunted) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark and including a guest vocal appearance from Sean Zatorsky of Daath fame, Hungarian Extreme Groove Metal pioneers Omega Diatribe have announced  their fifth studio album “Deviant“ will drop on 1st December. That news is accompanied by the obligatory single in “Mindreader” and Metal Hu Records offering an impressive 8-panel Digipak CD and two alternative vinyl editions.

Gergo Hajer, the band’s songwriter & guitar player commented of this new offering:

It was an important aspect during the work of the record that the new songs have show a level-up compared to our latest record “Metanoia”, which received fantastic feedback back in the day. This attitude led to an amazingly conscious and considered composing process.

We are going through a difficult time since covid, like everyone else.

The result of this period is “Deviant”, the darkest and angriest Omega Diatribe album so far.”

The band’s vocalist Milan Lucsanyi continues:

“Practically, we can say that the recordings for the new album were recorded in the usual way.

The instrumental parts were recorded in Gergo’s own studio at 515 Studio, and the vocal tracks were recorded in our vocal producer’s studio at Stray Heart Recordings.

We had to work at a rather hectic pace, due to different deadlines, but fortunately everything was ready in time, so Tue Madsen managed to do an extremely killer mix again!

Last but not least, I am extremely happy that we can have Sean Zatorsky as a guest singer on the song’s called “Indoctrinated” which is a banger!”

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