NEWS: Disorientation plan simple survival…

Featuring Maude Théberge and Pascal Germain-Berardi who form a classical choir, the first single “Dissociation” from the sophomore EP “Survival Mode” of Canadian Avante-Garde duo Disorientation has surfaced. Hailing from Montreal, Marie-Claude Fleury (Vocals, Oboe, English Horn, Drum Programming) and Daniel Daris (Guitars, Bass) took us down a path of troubling disarray, crippling misery, and severe anguish with their 2021 self titled debut with this new affair said to be a more blunt and straightforward record. While not declared a concept record in the conventional sense, there is an underlying theme of finding coping mechanisms with both musicians suffering the loss of loved ones during recording. Pre-orders for the 1st December release are available over at bandcamp

The band comment: “As soon as we started writing Dissociation, we knew this was the ideal opener for the EP. Contrary to the opening song Break Down from our previous effort, Dissociation does not waste any time and starts moving right from the start. It was the ideal song to showcase first because it encompasses the wide range of musical and style elements that make up the Disorientation sound. This new EP has more of a harder edge compared to our 1st effort. We opted for a more straightforward sound with a mix that better reveals each instrument and voice that Hugues Deslauriers (Roarrr Sound Studio) magnificently mixed and mastered. Those who already like the band will enjoy it. People new to the band will either like or hate it, or at the least, it will leave them confused. It aims to create tension in the listeners, putting them ill at ease and make them question and wonder what is going on.”

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