Review: “Without Reason” by Texas In July

Nine years after the release of 2014’s “Bloodwork“, welcoming back the final line up of Ephrata, Pennsylvanian Metalcore outfit Texas In July should feel like the band never departed. That record was their only one to feature vocalist J.T. Cavey as he and guitarist Chris Davis exited stage left in 2015 to join Erra and The Ghost Inside respectively while seeing an eight year run which included four albums and an EP coming to a grinding halt. Both musicians being part of those bands still leaves the question of just how much time they’ll have to devote to this project, however they can certainly make hay while the sun shines. Returning to the stage in December 2021 they have been working with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland (August Burns Red) at Atrium Audio, which given their sound is a no brainer…

Curiously enough, opening cut “False Divinity” brings to mind the 2017 August Burns Red album “Phantom Anthem” with its blend of Metalcore from the heavier end of the genre. A plethora of bounce heavy mosh parts with staccato riff breaks a plenty gives it a weighty sound as the band come in swinging, J.T. Cavey’s unclean vocals the perfect match. A beast of a track that sets the tone by going for the jugular straight out of the gate, that makes way for “Razor’s Edge“, a cut which keeps it heavy while introducing some leads cleaner choruses and even a spoken word. Given the band members successes with their respective projects, it is clear that it isn’t all sunshine, roses and chocolates in paradise and there is a real grit and integrity that Cavey is able to convey that resonates. Adam Gray has a field day and delivers moments of artillery shelling quality with some unbelievably fast double bass kicks in “Put To Death“, a cut with a wild energy to it and a chorus that borders on Black Metal. Making the comparison that living an ordinary life and not seeking out what is important to you is the equivalent to being put to death is an interesting concept because we all have to make compromises however it is very relatable as a concept and a powerhouse performance from a band who know exactly what they’re doing. A sub three minute rampage through vitriolic vocals with chants of “I’m terminal!” and some weighty pre-breakdown riffage, “Digital Hellscape” is a blast of pure energy and arguably the heaviest moment of the five. A blistering moment of fierceness with a real intensity to it, Texas In July have nailed the muscular approach and so there is something refreshing in the rich melodies match the ache of the vocals in finale “Goodbye“. Cavery’s screamed vocals cut against Post-Hardcore riffs that give off a beauty and the beast vibe, this one soon to become everyone’s favourite breakup song. Texas In July are back and in fine form, this record proving that this is more than simply a nostalgia trip to it… [8.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. False Divinity
  2. Razor’s Edge
  3. Put To Death
  4. Digital Hellscape
  5. Goodbye

Without Reason” by Texas In July is out 17th November 2023 via Equal Vision Records

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