Interview: Asylum Road take us through “The Fear” track by track!

Ahead of the release of their debut EP “The Fear” on 26th January, Derry Northern Ireland Metallers Asylum Road have taken us through the record with a track by track breakdown of the subject matter and meaning held within them. Thus far the outfit have only premiered a music video for the title track but 11k of YouTube streams since that dropped at the end of November confirms that quality and not quantity is what is required when you’re rising from the black depths…

Malignant talks about how the internet, and social media in particular, creates a false sense of what should be important in our lives and in the world at large, while ignoring the cold hard truth of reality. It talks about how it can be toxic and allows people to live in a false sense of reality, devoid of any responsibility of the wrongs happening in the real world. How it can be dangerous, as lies can spread quickly as fact, and facts can be buried beneath the superficial nonsense of things like the latest viral craze or who’s getting cancelled today.”

Hyperfixated and The Fear are linked, both talk about the dangers and consequences of overindulging in alcohol on a night out”

The Fear examines the night itself which can go from great fun, to degenerating into you alienating your friends by the time it’s over”

Hyperfixated is about the following day, the follow-on panic attack. The anxiety, heart palpitations and perspiring – how everything seems to speed up when you’re having the panic attack. It also highlights mental health being negatively impacted from repeatedly overindulging in alcohol.” 

“Changing Of The Tide is about denouncing religion, waking up to the fact that it has been a major contributing factor of so much mass killings / wars in the world.”

Requiem is a deeply personal song for Darryn [McCartney, vocals]. It forms part of his grieving process for dealing with the death of a close family member. The family member in question didn’t want a funeral or anyone present at their graveside. This was very difficult for Darryn and his family because it didn’t allow them the normal final time to say goodbye. The story goes much deeper because there has been a lot of death and heartache in the family and it almost became routine for them to be saying goodbye, but this time they couldn’t.

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