NEWS: Ashen Reach get lost in the fear?

Liverpool riff merchants Ashen Reach have celebrated five years together with a third single from upcoming EP “The Fear” in one called “Lost“. Thus far they have played a myriad of Festivals including Call of the Wild, as well as opening for bands like Stone Broken and Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, the way paved for those adventures by their 2020 album “Homecoming“. 22nd March will see the EP make its appearance with “Ghosts” and “Neophobia” having already premiered…

The band comment: “The Fear was written and created as a concept release highlighting different fears and phobias, and how fear can also be used as a weapon.” The foursome elaborate: “We wanted to push our sound in a heavier direction as we felt this was a more organic evolution of where we are at musically in our journey as a band. We also felt the concept of the EP was a perfect canvas for our new sonic palette.

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