NEWS: Drakon travel Beyond Thunderdome?

Russian Black Metal outfit Drakon swear blind that Mel Gibson wasn’t harmed in the making of their upcoming new album “Thunderdome” but they have no evidence to prove it. The follow up to last years EP “High Times” the eight track affair has been preceded by “Abomination of Desolation” having been mixed & mastered by Theodor Borovsky (AlkonostDissector) and is adorned by cover artwork by Valentina Mustajarvi. Pre-orders for the 18th January release via Sleazy Rider Records are available over at bandcamp.

On the single the band comment: “We would like to present you a blue with the words of our dear colleague Sergey Pavlov-Blokhin for our anthem of struggle against the abomination of humanity, which has overwhelmed our world in the Last Days, the anthem of confrontation with spiritual desolation, leading us all beyond the edge of godlike to the abyss of animal and unworthy.”

And on the album: “On the day of Indra the Thunderer, the slayer of the black serpent, we present to you our new conceptual album. This is our own interpretation of the myth of the End of the World in the traditional Russian epic style, our own view of what is Light and Darkness, what is Good and Evil and what is the Earthly Truth.”.

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