Review: “King Of The Rats” by Disrupt The Cycle

Lebanon Tennessee based multi instrumentalist Wayne Hudspath has been releasing vocal covers of everything from DevilDriver to In Flames for the past fourteen years as well as playing a vital role in both Nightshade and As They Sleep in their time. But while all good things must come to an end, that hasn’t put out the creative spark, so he has turned his hand to some original compositions under the moniker Disrupt the Cycle. Simply describing his music as “High quality Melodic Death Metal from the states“, he takes inspiration from real life experiences and has built a new World around himself in which he handles everything…

Opening cut “King of the Rats” finds Hudspath spitting pure fire with distinctive Death Metal vocal stylings over Melodic Death Metal riffs, the flat cymbal hits indicative of a drum machine or programming accompanying proceedings. Fortunately that isn’t too much of a distraction with some Fear Factory inspired riffs appearing mid track before the classically Gothenburg sound styled leads and a solo finish this one in style. If it was labelled a demo then perhaps people would perhaps be more forgiving of the drum sound, it is literally the only thing holding these cuts back because the guitars and vocals are seriously impressive. There is perhaps a little strain in some of the shriller vocal parts of “Taking You“, the deeper death growls inflicting far more damage, however it has to be said that they give a decent contrast and the vocal layering does give the impression of a dual headed attack. A modern Death Metal love song that works incredibly well, the tasteful riffs fuel the fire and leave nothing but a smouldering wreckage in their wake. A grand finale in Groove Death territory with some classic Cowboys from Hell inspired riffs, “Disrupt The Cycle” is arguably the biggest highlight of this unholy trilogy and feels like it belongs on the soundtrack to a Robert Rodriguez directed classic about vampires. What lies beneath is actually a lyrical narrative that delves into Hudspath’s previous struggles with music and his encounters of the 3rd kind with the music industry but it has been spun so that as a listener you can make it your own. A surprisingly vibrant solo is nothing short of majestic as it brings the record to a soaring conclusion and if this is simply the beginning the bar has been set incredibly high already… [7.5/10]

1. King of the Rats
2. Taking You
3. Disrupt the Cycle

King Of The Rats” by Disrupt The Cycle was released on 6th January 2024 and is available over at bandcamp

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