NEWS: Sarajah offer riffs fit for worship!

Finnish Doom Metallers Sarajah have announced their signing with Italian label Argonauta Records for their debut album to be released in Spring 2024. Formulating a sound based on heavy Iommian riffs and inspired by seminal acts like Black Sabbath, Trouble and Saint Vitus, the band bring forth themes of nature and mythology strongly rooted in Nordic culture in their lyricism. A self titled single has been premiered to give you a taste of what their future may hold…

Vocalist Magus Corvus comments: “We are excited to collaborate with Argonauta Records. Two of the four band members have worked with the label previously. I’ve known Argonauta’s boss Gero for years now, as he has released both Church of Void’s and Fimir’s albums. So it really felt like a natural choice for Sarajah to join the Argonauta family. And I’m really glad Gero felt the same! I couldn’t be happier, to be honest. I feel honored to represent Sarajah’s full length alongside Argonauta’s doom metal greats such as my personal favorite Conviction. Sarajah have now found their spiritual home.

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