Review: “Haatspraak” by Wrang

Severed is the sanctity of life, thereby the cycle is fulfilled.” ~ Wrang

An unrelenting journey into the most forlorn and resentful depths of hell with three songs that do away with all pretences and once again go unapologetically into full revolt against the world, “Haatspraak” continues the perpetual forward motion of Dutch Black Metal duo Wrang. Together since 2013 they have created a pair of split EPs and a pair of full length albums as they established themselves as a force capable of amalgamating the past and the present of the genre… fighting a constant battle between the forces of light and dark in uncompromising fashion.

If you’re yet to witness the work of Wrang then put simply “De cirkel vervolmaakt” (or “The Circle Completes“) will tear you limb from limb as a raw and abrasive journey through the fires of hell itself. The restless and relentless percussive battery from Valr in the first half of the near seven minute magnum opus reaches artillery shelling levels as the ache of the vocal performance from Galgenvot burns the ear drums with is cathartically vented pains. Underneath it all there is a melody that rears its ugly head with cello from R. Schmidt, a lull allowing them to offer a dance macabre in the centre of this tornado of souls before the driving riffs and rise once more. By the end of his lament, Galgenvot sounds like he has been impaled on spikes, the echoes of his cries heard for miles around. “Haatspraak” (or “Hate Speech“) then increases the intensity, racing away into the distant darkness with galloping drums as the duo attempt to escape the sun light before it burns them alive. Faster with some moments of vicious growl and leads to illuminate their path, it’s the obvious title track and from the three burnt offerings as the quality of the musicianship rises above the raw nature of the recording. The Post Black Metal of bands like Harakiri for the Sky feels like it is an influence there, there is certainly a similar dynamic at play with the raw emotive vocal performance. “Bodemdrift” (or “Bottom Drift“) is the biggest risk, tearing down the blue skies with a dark atmospheric reminiscent of a storm crashing upon rocky shores in the dead of night during its opening moves before evolving into something entirely different. Swirling in perpetual darkness, the lead guitars offering melancholia in between moments that have the verve and swagger of Black ‘n Roll outfits, the earworm hummable riffs that rise from the black depths surprisingly vibrant. Bleak and bold, all in all this collection is another vital piece in creative freedom of Wrang and bodes very well for the next full length [7.5/10]

Track Listing

I. De cirkel vervolmaakt
II. Haatspraak
III. Bodemdrift

Haatspraak” by Wrang is out 29th February 2024 via Dominance Of Darkness Records and maybe available over at bandcamp.

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