NEWS: Bleed Someone Dry divided and conquer?

Recorded and mixed at The Grid Europe by Jonathan Mazzeo, mastered by Christian Donaldson (Suffocation, Shadow Of Intent, Ingested) and accompanied by a video directed by Mattia Baldanzi, Italian Deathcore act Bleed Someone Dry have issued another warning shot with single “Replicant“. A profound exploration of personal identity with Blade Runner vibes, it confirms why the Superbia Music Group partnered with the band…

The band comment: “Our second new single ‘Replicant’ presents a sound very different from the previous one, ‘Hikikomori’, released three months ago. In fact, our intention with this piece was to explore a mood less aggressive than the aforementioned, favoring haunting and distressing riffs that fully describe the obsession of the protagonist subject who can no longer identify with his real self. ‘Who the hell am I?’ is the question this individual repeatedly finds himself asking incessantly, desperately searching for an answer, while in his mind, the hypothesis that someone else is taking his place, his life, his identity becomes increasingly convincing. We wanted a sound that would elevate this discomfort, this suffering. We had in mind the image of this extremely confused person, unable to distinguish reality from imagination, truth from falsehood and we tried to transfer all these sensations into music, into riffs that fit together with sudden variations. We are very satisfied with the result and what we have produced, both in terms of the theme addressed and from a purely musical perspective. We hope to continue and build upon the work done with ‘Hikikomori’, and to receive the same positive feedback as we did with the last track!”.

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