NEWS: Eternal Drak return for your soul!

Originally formed in 1997 in Colombia but having long been considered a cornerstone of the Quebec Canadian Metal scene, Eternal Drak will return with their seventh studio album in three decades on 17th July. Combining Blackened Thrash with melodic influences and Latin beats, as with the albums predecessors, “Imprisoned Souls” is a concept record with lyrics revolving around experiences lived in an old farm where there was an improvised hospital during a great battle of the War of Independence. Inviting listeners to delve into the depths of fear, anger and pain with a touch of the paranormal, the first taste is “Soul Of Hate”…

The band comment: “‘Soul Of Hate’ is the first song to be released and is also the first track on the album. We really liked it from the beginning, and we selected it as the first single because it contains a structure that roughly represents most of what is on the album. The recording of this song was not easy since, not being satisfied, we shared it with the band’s closest fans to obtain their opinions and suggestions. Several times we had to adapt it in the studio to reach this result, something that represents and opens the album of the imprisoned souls.”

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