NEWS: Spread Thin justify Hardcore Punk?

9 tracks. 18 minutes. That’s what Spread Thin have in store for us come 26th July when they unleash “World Of Snakes”. A Wisconsin hardcore quartet fusing power-violence, grind, and sludge into a hostile and indignant opus of aggression for those who like their music fast, loud and without restraint, they offer a third single in “Unjustified” ahead of time.

The band comment: “We wanted an aggressive record with no filler. We feel we achieved what we sought out to record, but this is the beginning of where we want to go from here. The single is about how life is short, we don’t need to make it worse for ourselves and everyone else. Don’t be a bitch. The rest of the album has a lot of surprises, and these three tracks prepare the listener for what they can expect

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