NEWS: Vintersea hear the doomsday clock ticking?

After announcing the departure of vocalist Avienne after a decade, three albums and five tours across North America, Vintersea have premiered a music video for “No Tomorrow” from last year’s “Woven Into Ashes“. The Progressive Metal outfit inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest to create dark and melodic music have begun the search for her replacement so if you’re interested…

Guitarist Riley Nix: “‘No Tomorrow’ is a special song for all of us, and it has resonated deeply with a lot of our fans. It is a song about coming to terms with the fact that everything ends, and that even when we are gone the world must continue on without us. The most we can hope for is that we left an indelible mark, something we can be proud of, and something for which we will be remembered.

Bassist Karl Whinnery: “We wanted the video to match the energy of the song, and we put a ton of work into this one. We built a well in the woods and recruited some of the best actors in Portland to bring our vision to life, and I am super pumped about the result. I was inspired by the bleak lyrics and haunting ending. I wanted the video to help accent the horror of knowing your time has reached its end.”

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