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NEWS: All Misery inspect the crime scene…

Hailing from Durango Mexico are Death Metal act who know no fear. All Misery have been exploring the territories beyond the genre, adding elements of Extreme Metal and incorporating more Technical riffage as well as downtempo breakdowns into their burnt offering as new album “Nightmare in a World of Doom” evidences. Luke Griffin of Acrania

NEWS: Postmortem Promises search for a Claret Sky!

It’s safe to say you should expect the tectonic plates to rumble under foot as Postmortem Promises are joined by Luke Griffin of Acrania, Human Error and Shush fame for “Claret Sky“. The new single comes in the wake of the announcement that Joe Bills, known for his work in Human Error and Venom Prison will be

NEWS: Demurred prepare for War with Declaration!

Technical Downtempo Deathcore duo Demurred from Apple Valley, California have teamed up with Luke Griffin of Human Error and Acrania fame for a new single called “Declaration of The New World Order“. The band comprise multi instrumentalist Aaron Chaparian and vocalist Glenn Silva and this marks only their second single. Get ready, it’s a moment

Playthrough: “Bitchcraft” from By Will Alone!

Hailing from Tel Aviv Israel, trio By Will Alone took the sounds of “Suicide Season: Cut Up!“, the remix album from Bring Me The Horizon and reinterpreted it as their signature sound. The result is “Cult Of The Like“, an album which sees guest appearances from Luke Griffin (Acrania, Human Error, Scribe of Existence), Andrew Zink (BroJob, Into

The Black Map #40: Black Tongue from Hull!

The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene reaches week 40 as we head from Leeds to Hull and Downtempo Doom crew Black Tongue. The quartet call their style “Doomcore” and have previously been signed to Century Media though there are distinct elements of Black Metal, Death Metal, Deathcore and Doom in their crushingly heavy

NEWS: Acrania lyric video for “Gagged with Propaganda”!

London Death Metallers Acrania will see their new album “Tyrannical Hierarachy” appearing via Unique Leader on 23rd November! As a tease for the album they’re streaming a lyric video for single “Gagged with Propaganda” which features not only ex-Signs of the Swarm frontman CJ McCreery who’s now in Lorna Shore, but also Ben Duerr of