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Bootleg: Agnostic Front at Sound Of Revolution Festival!

Just before they celebrated 35 years of the seminal “Victim In Pain” album, New York Hardcore Punk heroes Agnostic Front made their presence felt at Sound Of Revolution Festival in Eindhoven Netherlands in 2018. Here’s the pro-shot full set in multicam style courtesy of Nick Tronckoe Media. A huge influence in crossover Thrash, you only

Review: “Demonstrate Your Pride” EP by Last Wishes

Engineered and Recorded by Reece Whyte, Jack Craven and Adam Rogers while being Mixed & Mastered by Adam Rogers at Pit Lab in Leeds in Spring 2019, “Demonstrate Your Pride” is the fifth cassette tape in 4 years from Belfast Hardcore quartet Last Wishes. A band we were unaware of until they took the stage

Bootleg: Agnostic Front in Philadelphia!

The Godfathers of Hardcore Agnostic Front have had a busy year, touring the Globe to celebrate 35 years of their masterful “Victim In Pain” album and also dropping a fresh record with “Get Loud!” via Nuclear Blast. Here’s a full set from them at the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA on 27th July!

Review: “Age Of Defiance” EP by Prong

Tommy Victor, Aaron Rossi and Jason Christopher might be of the opinion that no-one wants to hear new music from Lower East Side residents Prong and everyone just wants to hear their classics like “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” but we beg to differ. 2007’s “Power of the Damager” and it’s remix follow up

Bootleg: Agnostic Front in St. Petersburg!

Celebrating 35 Years of their seminal album “Victim In Pain“, Godfathers of Hardcore Agnostic Front are on a World Tour while a new album “Get Loud!” appeared via label home Nuclear Blast just last week. Here’s a full set from them in St. Petersburg Russia on 11th November, immediately before their European Tour shows.

Interview: Agonistic Front on “The Godfathers of Hardcore”?

The Godfathers of Hardcore? What does that mean? Well that label has been firmly slapped on Agnostic Front for a fair while so Nuclear Blast took a month and asked members of the band what they thought about the phrase. “Get Loud!” is out on Friday with a European Tour celebrating 35 years of “Victim In

NEWS: Agonistic Front remember…

As the arrival of “Get Loud!” on 8th November via Nuclear Blast inches closer, Hardcore veterans Agonistic Front have released a music video for new song “I Remember”. They’ll be celebrating 35 years of “Victim In Pain” with a European Tour thank kicks off on 11th November in Bournemouth!

Review: “Call For Justice” 7″ by Coldside

Very much a teaser for an upcoming 2020 full length album, Florida Hardcore crew Coldside have already been tearing up stages and burning down venues. Heavily influenced by the New York Hardcore scene, the band who feature ex-members of Wardogs, Vietnom, and C.B.S/Lita Gray in their ranks are as much about the lifestyle as they

NEWS: Death By Horse are in for the… “Kill”!

After a delay, Swedish Hardcore Punks Death By Horse have finally got the video for “Kill” out! The song is taken from the bands album “Reality Hits Hard” and so they’ve gone with the boxing theme. After shows with Agnostic Front in August, they’re on a roll!  

NEWS: Agnostic Front bring the Pain to November!

A long time rumoured and leaked, New York City Godfathers of Hardcore Agnostic Front have finally made it official and confirmed a November tour to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of their debut album “Victim In Pain”. The shows will also see Last Orders and more interestingly The Take, a band who feature former Agnostic Front