Review: “Demonstrate Your Pride” EP by Last Wishes

Engineered and Recorded by Reece Whyte, Jack Craven and Adam Rogers while being Mixed & Mastered by Adam Rogers at Pit Lab in Leeds in Spring 2019, “Demonstrate Your Pride” is the fifth cassette tape in 4 years from Belfast Hardcore quartet Last Wishes. A band we were unaware of until they took the stage at Upsurge Festival at London’s New Cross Inn in 2018 where they blew us away with a phenomenal live show, they’re ones we’ve been following since. Their last EP sounded a bit raw and rough around the edges but this one has a far cleaner sound. Capturing their live energy straight off the bat with “Last Wishes Headcount”, a set of hardcore riffs, Police sirens and a sample “All I’m saying is… survive” it sets up the furious attack of “Forced Into Sin” in style. Out of the gate like someone who stole your VCR and also featuring a police siren it’s a classic hardcore cut with an unrelentingly opening burst that Corin’s vocals just about keep up with before slowing down a couple of notches with Elias of xSettlementx lending skills. It’s a darker old school Hardcore vibe from the early 90’s that the band play, with the likes of Biohazard and Agonistic Front occupying similar territory. Tales of violent upbringing and limited options make the track a hard hitting and gritty tale of morality. “Demonstrate Your Pride” being the title track of the EP is the cannon ball to Last Wishes gunpowder and the bass heavy intro click before the punk speed opening verse is well worked before a tasteful whammy bar drop and some crushing downtempo groove breakdowns. Getting Louis Gino of Ironed Out on “Disconnect” is something we’re hopeful the band can recreate live with the two bands sharing a stage. Another high quality set of riffs a tale of everyday struggle and strife, it’s a powerhouse of modern hardcore that hurricanes through your ear drums like a fighter jet. You couldn’t ask for more from any hardcore band let alone Last Wishes. This would go down as well in Brooklyn so the boys need to get a flight. It’s their best release yet! [8/10]

Track listing

  1. LW Headcount
  2. Forced Into Sin (ft. Elias of xSettlementx)
  3. Demonstrate Your Pride
  4. Disconnect (ft. Louis Gino of Ironed Out)

“Demonstrate Your Pride” by Last Wishes is out now and available over at bandcamp

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