Review: “Call For Justice” 7″ by Coldside

Very much a teaser for an upcoming 2020 full length album, Florida Hardcore crew Coldside have already been tearing up stages and burning down venues. Heavily influenced by the New York Hardcore scene, the band who feature ex-members of Wardogs, Vietnom, and C.B.S/Lita Gray in their ranks are as much about the lifestyle as they are the music. They want to “take you back to the days of circle pits, parking lot brawls and bloodstained boots, to when the message meant something and hardcore was a lifestyle. Their aim is to bring back the tradition, the aggression and unity that hardcore music has always been about.” To bring “Heavy riffs, sing-alongs and lyrics written from years of growing up in the underground music scene pour out in every song”. Coldside aren’t a new band. A trio of albums in 2013’s “We’ve Had Enough”, 20105’s “Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders” and 2017’s “F*** Your System”, the last of which features a guest appearance from Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret on “Forever” means they have history.

Title track “Call For Justice” is as you would expect, a high tempo hardcore punk track in the vein of Sick Of It All with a fist pumping attitude, loaded with gang chants and ready to get the pit going. It’s slow down for a bass heavy melodic break and sample “those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything” is a hardcore staple, done to perfection. It doesn’t need to be pioneering or arty or different, it just needs to be on point and that’s exactly what Coldside do. “Back Stab” puts the hammer down with a heavier chugging riff that allows more space for the verse to breathe while turning the gang chant into a chorus. It’s menacing overtones pitch the aggression at just the right place and it’s time for the knuckledusters to get put on. “Guns Up” increases the pace once again and unleashes a scalding vocal attack with a prove you wrong attitude. Socially and politically aware it’s a track that takes the voice of the streets to the masses. In your face. Coldside are exactly what you want from a Hardcore punk band and that is a good f***ing time. [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Call for Justice
  2. Back Stab
  3. Guns Up

“A Call For Justice” 7″ by Coldside is out 1st November via Demons Run Amok Entertainment

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