Review: “Created Sick” EP by God Complex

Signed to Tone Management and hailing from Liverpool are God Complex, a quartet with a growing reputation for making the sort of Metal that has brought subgenre pioneers Loathe and Lotus Eater to the top of the current crop of bands in the UK Underground Metal scene. “Created Sick” will see the band join King 810 and Puppy for a trio of dates later this year and having witnessed their punishing live show at Upsurge Festival in August, we thought it was only fitting to review this EP.

Title track and opener “Created Sick” is a 75 second punch in the face of a single verse song. Introduced by white noise feedback before smashing through a pummelling drum sound, only breaking for an almost dial tone esq pulse guitar bridge and closing with feedback, it’s a wake up call to anyone who casually came across the band or the EP. The seamless join to “Breeding Filth”, whose bouncy bassline and chunky riffage is an underpinning for the kind of filthy guttural vocals that grab you by the throat and don’t let go. The dark lyrics and crushing guitar tone are in stark contrast to the clean and crisp drum sound that picks up the song and pile drives it into the ground. If the pair of opening salvos didn’t get you then “Stone Hand” with it’s unrelenting pace and surprise lead moments will surely do so. Guitar wise, there is some Traitors Deathcore influence in the patterning of the rhythm parts and it’s short lead bursts make way for a headbangable 30 second closing that almost comes over as a separate track, in stark contrast with the punishing opening.

“Slumlord” is the longest track on “Created Sick” at 2 seconds short of the 3 minute mark, which gives you the impression that the band would need to record 20 tracks to get a decent length album out. However what they don’t have in the length of the tracks, they have in the quality and depth. Each song is a marvel and has the listeners full attention as it moves through like a tidal wave. A slightly slower crushing opening before picking up the pace for a more driven mid section that gives the pounding rhythm section an opportunity to deliver. God Complex then false end the track and repeat the ending style of “Stone Hand” with a 30 second instrumental passage of guitar work that isn’t necessarily sounding like part of the track but is a nice touch. Closer “Ordered to be Well” keeps things going with a slow build and clicky Nu-Metal bass sound before driving home the nails some pummelling drum work and chunky riffage. Interestingly there is no place for either of the bands other pair of singles “Insignificant” or “Hate Runs Through Me” which features Kadeem France from Loathe. That being said, as good as that pair of tracks are, they aren’t necessary here as “Created Sick” is a fine piece of work in it’s own right. It may not be up to the same standard as genre pioneers Loathe and Lotus Eater, but it’s about as close as you could get! [7.5/10]

Track list

1. Created Sick
2. Breeding Filth
3. Stone Hand
4. Slumlord
5. Ordered to be Well

“Created Sick” by God Complex is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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