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NEWS: Agonist A.D. set heads spinning!

The arsonists that are Australian Metallic Hardcore crew Antagonist A.D. will be returning on 3rd June with “Through Fire All Things Are Renewed” appearing via Greyscale Records. If the title seems familiar it’s because the album comprises the bands pair of previously released EPs “Through Fire” and “All Things” along with a third EP “Are

Review: “All Things” by Antagonist A.D.

Known for taking the heavy and abrasive early Metalcore sound and injecting it into Hardcore, Auckland New Zealand quartet Antagonist A.D. returned to a trio they know all to well for their latest offering “All Things” after the success that is their previous EP “Through Fire“. Recorded and mixed at God City studios by Converge guitarist

NEWS: Antagonist A.D. rage against the system!

Telling it like it is, New Zealand Metallic Hardcore Monsters Antagonist A.D have released a second single from their upcoming second release recorded with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at his very own God City Studios. Entitled “The System Is Racist And Oppressive“, it stands out on the track listing of the 7” “All Things” set for a