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NEWS: Carcosa return with “Devoid”!

From out of nowhere British Columbia, Canada Deathcore quartet Carcosa have dropped a new single, while the corpse of their last EP “Absent” is still very much warm in the mortuary. Entitled “Devoid“, it has also surfaced with a full track breakdown video from guitarist Andrew Baena and has once again been mixed by Ty

NEWS: Carcosa crush Mudvayne!

What if… Canadian Deathcore quartet Carcosa played “Dig” by Mudvayne? Well guitarist Andrew Baena and vocalist Johnny Ciardullo join forces to play a downtuned Deathcore version of the bands classic track. Carcosa have set 19th August for their debut EP “Absent” to drop with singles “Our Scars” and “A Plague” out now.

NEWS: Carcosa unveil and discuss new song “Our Scars”!

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Galactic Pegasus, Deathcore new breed Carcosa have not only delivered a new single in “Our Scars” but guitarist Andrew Baena then goes into the track deep. The quartet have set 19th August for their debut EP “Absent” to drop and you can snap that up along with

Playthrough: “A Plague” from Carcosa!

Earlier this week Andrew Baena announced his new Canadian Deathcore project Carcosa from the ashes of Galactic Pegasus with first single “A Plague“. He’s joined by fellow 8 string merchant Cooper Lagace as they playthrough the track in drop E. All of this comes with the news that the band have an upcoming EP.

NEWS: Carcosa bring hell with “A Plague”!

From the ashes of Galactic Pegasus has arisen Carcosa, a four piece Deathcore band from British Columbia, Canada. While the full line up isn’t listed as yet, from the video and vocals, Johnny Ciardullo is fronting the band with Andrew Baena playing… 8 string guitar and programming. Baena followed up the Slam Worldwide premier of

Review: “RIP GP” EP from Galactic Pegasus

After a decade together, Andrew Barns, Johnny Ciardullo, Travis Regnier and Cooper Lagace, otherwise known as DJent Metalcore merchants Galactic Pegasus have called it a night. In their time, the Vancouver British Columbia Canada natives have shared stages with Enterprise Earth, AngelMaker and even Suicide Silence to name but a few and this final release

Listmania: 5 Best Metal Releases of 2019 with Andrew Baena!

Galactic Pegasus guitarist and Canadian music producer Andrew Baena is a man after our own heart. By that we mean, like us he has some form of attention deficit disorder that means some stupid list of 25, 50, 100 or more albums of 2019 is just going to be as boring as… not putting Vodka

NEWS: Emmure make a silk purse from a Sow’s ear?

The first track to emerge from the new album sessions that Emmure have embarked on entitled “Pigs Ear” has surfaced online via SharpTone Records. It may already have a playthrough guitar video from Galactic Pegasus guitarist Andrew Baena but it doesn’t come with any further information on when the album will drop or what it’s

Interview: Black Tongue talk Tour Stories!

Seeing as Black Tongue are in Canada for a run of shows, Aaron Kitcher, Eddie Pickard and Alex Teyen got around a campfire with Andrew Baena to talk crazy tour stories in this interview. And when we say campfire, we mean coffee table. One of the highlights of this summer’s incarnation of UK Tech-Fest with