Playthrough: “Vermin” from Carcosa!

They say that timing is everything and with new drop “Anthology” fresh out the coffin, Vancouver BC Canada Deathcore collective Carcosa have let guitarist Andrew Baena out of the basement for a guitar playthrough of “Vermin” from the record that features guest appearances from Taylor Barber of Left to Suffer, Ricky Hoover of Ov Sulfur, Kyle Anderson of Brand of Sacrifice, Jake Wolf of Reflections and Chad Kapper of Frontierer on re-imagined cuts from their debut EP “Absent“. Baena plays an Aristides 080R with a Seymour Duncan Pegasus pickup and Evertune while this partner in axe wielding crime Cooper plays a Kiesel DC800 with Lithium pickups, guitars are tuned to Drop E.

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